Camping Tent Poles

Camping Tent Poles

When camping, it is important to have an easy-to-construct tent that is weather resistant and durable. A tent is key to protecting you from bugs, critters and whatever weather elements that you might encounter. In order to get a restful nights sleep or a good rest, sturdy tent poles are important to have. In case of damage, replacement tent poles are also among the easiest pieces of gear to acquire. There are a few varieties to consider when investing in camping gear and knowing your preferences and what works for the kind of camping you want is key.

What Materials Are Camping Tent Poles Made Of?

  • Aluminium. Aluminium tent poles are lightweight and strong. However, these can be cumbersome when packing in a storage bag and going on long excursions.
  • Fibreglass. A fibreglass tent pole is easy to work with and tends to be more compact for packing. With advancements in technology and design, these are the newer, go-to option than metal poles. They are also more pliable and can work with most tents.

What Types of Camping Tent Poles Are There?

  • Adjustable. Adjustable tent poles are ones that can adjust up or down by knobs or pins. They are more rigid in design but are good for extended camping trips.
  • Folding. Folding poles are easily broken down by snapping out sections of the poles that hold together via an elastic string in the centre of the poles.

What Are Other Camping Tent Accessories That Are Good to Have?

  • Stakes/pegs.Camping stakes help hold tents down if it is windy or the ground is unstable.
  • Pole clips. Pole clips are a good camping accessory to have as they help hold the tent pole together and create a sturdier foundation for the tent.
  • Pole bases. Pole bases are ground support for the poles and help hold them steady.
  • Bags. Tent storage bags are a good item to invest in as they can house all of your camping tent gear in one location, making it easier to haul with you.
  • Tarps. Camping tarps can serve several purposes, including acting as an additional layer of insulation as well as a barrier to protect the tent and yourself from moisture and water.
  • Repair kits. These are an incredibly important item to have while camping in case you discover your tent tears or something breaks, you can quickly repair the issue.