Camping Toilet/Shower Tents

Gain camping privacy with a shower and toilet tent

Going on holiday is everyone's favourite time of the year. We talk about going on holiday weeks before we are due to depart and reminisce about the holiday highlights for years after we return.

Staying at a hotel will not just guarantee you a private bathroom or shower room and a toilet but most importantly your own large or small space in the room to change your clothes as and when you feel it necessary to do so.

If you are camping, you will still need all of these amenities and hopefully some space might be afforded to you as well. Call them home comforts or just life essentials. We also need privacy when changing our clothes; this is where a pop-up toilet or shower tent comes in.

You can find toilet and shower tents made for one, two and four people. All the tents share some of the same features required for outdoor living such as being waterproof, lightweight, easy to assemble and portable. All tents come with a carry bag. The material used to make all shower pop up tents is polyester and fibreglass is most often used to make the poles. Serving as toilets and showers, all tents can boast an excellent drainage system to let water out.

A four person toilet and shower tent is made stronger by a reinforced cross pole construction with the poles made of fibre glass. The tent allows for ventilation with the removable rain cover. There is a bar to hang your clothing and towel and there is also some storage for your toiletries.

One and two person toilet and shower tents are pop up in design but the one person tents are supported by a flexible steel frame. One person shower tents are also multi purpose as they can be taken to the beach. Market stall vendors offer them to customers as a changing room whilst they try on clothes for size.