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Get those tins open with a can opener

If you want to get to the goodies that are packed inside food cans and tins, can openers are kitchen gadget essentials. From beans and fish to delicious fruit, can openers will get you eating these tasty treats in no time. Most well-known brands produce trustworthy can openers, such as Kenwood, OXO and Joseph Joseph.

Different types of can openers for your convenience

Universal manual can openers are typically made from hardwearing, rust proof stainless steel. Most boast ergonomic handles and a razor-sharp wheel blade that cuts the lid of the can. Some styles also feature an integral bottle opener.

Electric can openers are ultra easy to use. The can opener locks and holds the can securely in place, for one hand operation. It cleanly cuts the lid from the side with a super sharp blade, leaving no sharp edges. Most models open over 100 cans before the batteries need replacing.

Heavy-duty professional can openers attach to the side of a counter or bench top for fast action opening of cans of all sizes. The solid steel construction can opener has an adjustable height option, a plated steel base on which to stand the can, and a spin handle.

Minimal effort required easy use can openers

Multi-purpose 3-in-1 can openers are designed for the removal of lids and pre-cut can tops. The easy grip twist off tool is made from robust plastic and features a circular gripper that securely fits over the top of the can or jar. A quick twist opens the lid.

Freestanding electric 3-in-1 can openers are designed for kitchen countertop use. The plastic unit features a useful knife sharpener and bottle opener, a sharp removable cutting blade, a lid holding magnet, a soft rubber handle grip and automatic start and stop function buttons.

Professional smooth edge can openers have a long non-slippery soft silicone handle, a side cutting system and a chunky knob. The can opener's ergonomic design is especially suitable for elderly users and people suffering from arthritis.