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Feed your burning desire for DIY projects with candle making and soap making supplies from eBay

Nothing holds a candle to working with your hands. If your love for home DIY burns brightly or you’re looking for a bit of good, clean fun, eBay has thousands of candle making and soap making supplies to keep you busy.

Candle making supplies

The allure of decorative candles is as strong as their enchanting scents, with these popular accessories serving a variety of roles in homes across Australia. We can add another layer of enjoyment to turning the lights down low, striking a match and lighting the wick by helping you make your own candles. We have candle wax, wooden and cotton candle wicks, candle dyes and pigments and more. You can even buy candle moulds online, adding some fun designs to your creations and boosting their decorative value quickly and easily. 

Soap making supplies

eBay’s soap making supplies can give you the power to turn the ideas bubbling up in your brain into useful accessories for the home, office or elsewhere. Similar to our candle making supplies, soap moulds and soap dyes and pigments open up a range of design options, making those bars you put out next to the sink a bit more fashionable than some other hand soap products

Just getting started? Buy candle and soap making kits for beginners that can have you churning out useful products that look great around your home and are fantastic for wrapping up and gifting to those on your list. 

Now you don’t have to scour the quaint stores of a country town to get your hands on handmade home goods. If you’re ready to get in touch with your home DIY side, get things started by buying some new candle and soap making supplies online from eBay.