Set the mood with candle making kits and moulds

Buying candle wax and soap mould supplies is a cracking way of adding new accessories to your home. Unlike in the past, you are no longer confined to simple forms such as round, square or pyramid shapes. New candle making kits come in a range of contemporary shapes and sizes.

On eBay, there is a range of ecologically friendly aluminium bath bomb shape kits, with their soothing essential oil and flower fragrances. Team that with their silicone cupcake moulds with their baby lamb and Buddha style shapes, and you're in for a treat.


Not only do you have a fantastic variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, but you also have an interesting choice of materials. Silicon candle moulds are robust and flexible, allowing for the use of fragrances, dyes and colours, which help the shapes form more efficiently. Metal moulds are stronger and more versatile than silicon models as they can absorb higher wax temperatures. Plastic varieties meanwhile are more economical and safe for kids, but should not be used alongside fragrances.

Candle making gifts

Candle or soap making sets are creative and exciting gifts for all the family. If you're looking for a present for a loved one, then the Owl 3D silicone candle and soap mould is an excellent choice for young kids. Alternatively, the clamshell mould container on eBay, with its mature soy wax candle making kit set will appeal to all.

Modern technology has helped create an innovative range of candle making moulds, from heart shapes to bold aluminium pillar candles. On eBay, there are many other mould sets, such as the six-bar cavity rectangle soap tray that supports wax, silver metal clay, low-fire metals, chocolate, and soap bases.

Whatever you opt for, you can be sure they are noticed by your guests. The fragrance and colour of your candle making set will become a signature smell in your living space.