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Create your own lighting with candle wax

Candles are some of the most decorative additions to any space, with the fact that they can be lit and help to create an ambience and an atmosphere. The soft and warm glow of a candle can be used to add style to any room. Create your own candles for your home with candle wax, a great way to customise your home.

Creating your own candles isn't something that's particularly hard to do, and you can candle making supplies right here on eBay, perfect for those looking to add some boho charm to their interior.

Soy wax

Made from a soy-based additive, most soy wax is completely natural and kosher, making it a wax that suits everybody. The additive that creates the wax means that it can be poured at a hot temperature, helping to reduce the risk of frosting and increasing the intensity of whatever fragrant oil you choose to use.

Soy wax is ideal for candle making, as well as creating melts that can be used in an oil burner. Most soy waxes boast no GMO ingredients and no paraffin, meaning that your choice to use this wax is one that is not only convenient but healthier to boot.


Australian beeswax is made by nothing other than the bees, making it a totally natural wax option for those who want to make candles that don't contain any GMO products.

The colour of beeswax candle wax depends completely on what the bees have been feeding on, with most blocks smelling beautifully of honey, but with the capability of still having fragrance added to the wax. If you want to purchase wax that is completely organic, ethical, and sustainable, then beeswax is definitely a good option for you.

Easy to melt and mould, as well as use for other products such as lip balms, it is a material that has multiple uses and scores highly across the board.

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