Light Up Your Life With Candle Wicks

When you make your own candles, choosing the right candle wick is essential if you want to produce high-quality candles. In fact, it's probably the most important part of the candle-making process. Thankfully, there are many types available and once you know what you're looking for, they're easy to buy. If it's candle wicks and wicking supplies you're after, eBay has everything you need.

What to consider

The wick you choose will depend on the type of candle you're making, and you'll need to keep the following in mind:

  • The type of wax (fuel)
  • The melting point of wax
  • The size of the candle (diameter)
  • The candle's shape
  • The colours and fragrances
  • The type – pillar or container, etc
  • The oil (type and percentage)
  • The colourant - powder, dye chip, liquid or colour block

Which candle wicks are best?

There are so many different types of wicks it can be hard to choose, however, cotton wicks are some of the most popular – and there are a few varieties of this design. Cotton flat wicks burn evenly and curve into the flame, so they have a self-trimming effect. This is the type you'll generally see in pillar candles. There are square wicks that are more circular and resilient and cored wicks that are braided or knitted and have a core material that helps keep the wick straight or upright while it burns.

Wooden wicks include hardwood wicks and softwood wicks – wooden wicks often produce a noise that sounds like a wood burning fire, which makes the flame burning even more relaxing.

Other varieties include wax wicks, which are commonly cotton wicks that have been coated in beeswax, and hemp wicks which are produced naturally from hemp plants. There are various lengths available on eBay, so you can make a decision based on the type of candle you're making – or get something larger you can trim for bulk candles.