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Canon 300mm Camera Lenses

Canon 300mm Focal Camera Lenses

Canon are a trusted brand for photographers at any level. Brand loyalty is important when it comes to DSLR cameras, because you will begin to acquire lenses that only work with your trusted brand. Aside from the standard lenses that are provided when you buy your Canon camera, a Canon 300mm focal camera lens is a great choice to expand the scope of your photography.

About Canon

Canon began in Tokyo in the 1930s, and have expanded to become a byword in photography, with their huge range of cameras and lenses. Canon lenses are one of the two most commonly used lens brands among amateur and professional photographers. The manufacturer offers some of the best ranges of telephoto lenses for beginners through to specialised needs like sports photography.

300mm Focal Length

Focal length is the term used to identify different photographic lenses. The focal length describes the angle of view, which tells you how much of the scene in front of you will be captured. It also describes how magnified the scene will be. A long focal length, like the Canon 300mm lens, has a narrow angle with a high magnification, whereas shorter focal lengths have the opposite effect. If a lens has a focal length of over 100mm, it is called telephoto. There is a wide range of Canon telephoto lenses available.

Zoom or Prime Lenses

The two basic types of lenses are called prime and zoom. The focal length is the difference between the two. The focal length of prime lenses is fixed, which generally makes them lighter and less complicated to use. Zoom lenses can change their focal length depending on what you’d like to photograph. Canon zoom lenses are often heavier and have more moving parts to consider, but they are far more versatile and can capture images from a range of focal lengths.

Using Your 300mm Lens

Some Canon 300mm zoom lenses have been made with a specific function in mind, such as sports photography or taking landscape shots. However, their function can change depending on how you use them. The 300 mm length is great for anything that needs a precise shot from a distance away. Other examples are wildlife photography or taking portraits from a distance.