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Canon Camera Flashes

Canon Camera Flashes

A good camera flash can make the difference between amateur and professional results in photography. If you own a Canon camera, there are multiple options to choose from. Some essential factors to take into account include the inclusion of automatic and manual modes, longevity as well as other functions and features. No matter what Canon camera flash you decide to buy, make sure its compatible with your existent gear and your photography style.

Types of Canon Camera Flashes

While many Canon cameras have built-in flashes, you may often require a more powerful or different type of flash to suit your photography style. Standard hot shoe-mounted flashes are a popular option for many photographers, mostly because they are available in a multitude of models to suit all needs and budgets. These flashes have a fixed head, and some of them offer tilt and swivel heads. Another option are hammerhead flashes, which attach with a bracket to the side of the camera. Finally, if youre looking for a flash to use for macro photography, ring and macro flashes are an excellent choice. These models fit around the lens of your Canon camera to provide an even light on a close-up subject.

Canon Camera Flash Features and Function

While there are countless factors to consider, some important features to look for include TTL metering, which refers to the number of instantaneous light bursts before a shot is taken; the external autofocus assist beam, which helps you focus more clearly; and the auto zoom function, which lets you play with lightning effects by changing patterns from narrow to wide. If you want to be in complete control, look for a Canon flash with manual control. If you need to use it in challenging weather environments, a weatherproof model would be a good idea.