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Canon EOS Rebel Digital Cameras

Canon's entry-level EOS cameras, Rebel digital SLRs, feature the Japanese manufacturing giant's Electro-Optical System first introduced back in 1987. Canon EOS Rebel digital SLR cameras have since undergone significant changes and developments to incorporate the latest in imaging and camera technology. In addition to Canon EOS Rebel 17-20MP digital cameras, you can also find starter kits that come complete with a tripod, external flash, filters and carry bag.

Features of Canon EOS Rebel Cameras

Compared to higher-end Canon digital cameras, the Rebel series features a lighter plastic build and a smaller in-built pop-up flash unit. It boasts a pentamirror viewfinder and APS-C sized sensor, as well as a single CF card slot, or single SD slot on later models. These auto-focus single-lens reflex cameras also feature an EF lens mount that is compatible with a range of both Canon and third-party lenses.

Other Names for Canon EOS Rebel Cameras

While most know them as Rebel cameras in the United States, others know the same models as EOS Kiss in Japan. Internationally, people refer to them by a three- or four-digit model number, such as the EOS 650D, EOS 1100D and the EOS 300X.