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Canon Scanners

A high-tech brand that creates everything from cameras to printers, Canon makes high-end scanners for home or office use. Canon scanners come in many types, and choosing one depends on what materials you scan as well as your budget. From small, personalised scanners to oversized desktop versions, the brand meets every scanning and copying need with a range of scanners meant to make your life easier.


Small scanners that work well for portable scanning, Canon USB 2.0 connectivity computer scanners plug into any USB outlet and allow you to scan anywhere. Though they look small in size, these powerful scanners quickly scan everything from documents to photographs in seconds, and when you're done, simply pop the scanner into your bag for the ultimate in portable scanning. You don't need a lot of cords or cables to use the scanner, and it is compatible with multiple applications without requiring specific software.


Traditional flatbed scanners make it easy to scan all types of files or documents. Flatbed computer scanners offer multiple scanning options, including black and white, colour or greyscale documents, and modern scanners let you work with photos and documents with high colour resolution, producing the most vibrant and detailed scans and images. Energy-efficient scanners with multiple features, Canon flatbeds offer editing as well, letting you eliminate scratches or dust as you perfect your scanned images.


Perfect for businesses who perform high volumes of scanning, desktop scanners work at high speeds to meet every need. High-performance scanners that work well for office environments, desktop scanners can handle everything from the thinnest papers to the thickest files and documents, making them a versatile addition to the workplace. Canon electronics offers scanners with the ability to scan long documents, as well as smooth and enhance text and photos as images scan.


Wireless scanners work well for busy office environments, and these stand-up scanners are simple to use. Turn any type of file or document into a PDF or other type of file in seconds, and share it with your coworkers. Eliminate paperwork and reduce clutter when you use a Canon wireless scanner to update contact information, scan business cards onto your hard drive, or update client files and documents at the touch of a button. The slim, compact design of wireless scanners offers a space-saving solution for cluttered desks, and the user-friendly design isn't complicated to figure out, making it simple for even non-techies to use.