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Canon Digital Cameras

Canon Digital Cameras

Photographs are memories, and Canon digital cameras are a great way to keep them fresh. Digital cameras have made it possible for more people to take and store more pictures than ever before. With no need for developing, photography has exploded to the point that people are taking dozens of pictures where they might have taken one before.

Point and Shoot Cameras

Nothing beats the simplicity of a point and shoot camera like the Canon IXUS. Storing pictures on standard memory cards, these cameras can go anywhere you do and provide good pictures with minimal fuss. In many ways, they are like mobile phone cameras, great for casual snaps but with the advantage of being a dedicated device so theres no need to navigate to the camera app.

Bridge Cameras

A Canon bridge digital camera offers the next step up from point and shoot. Aimed at the prosumer market these all-in-one cameras feature a high-quality fixed lens on a DSLR styled body. WIth no need to buy extra lenses, these cameras get you up and shooting quickly, but the large sensors and high quality optics mean the picture quality is better than on a basic camera.

DSLR Cameras

The advantage of Canon digital SLR cameras starts with the viewfinder. Unlike other cameras, these feature a mirror arrangement so that you see exactly what the sensor does. You can also fit a wide range of lenses to the same camera body, so you dont have to try to get every picture with the same lens.


From bags and straps, to zoom lenses, there are hundreds of different camera accessories you can find for your Canon digital camera. Once you move up to a DSLR, you need a bag for lenses, batteries, and even memory cards. Smaller cameras can get by with just a case.

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