Canon FD Mount Camera Lenses

Shoot your shot with Canon FD mount camera lenses

Photography is an art form. As with other art, better instruments can help you create a better overall finished product. With that in mind, having the right tools can help you create better photos. Some of these tools include quality lenses and filters. Each type of lens has a different purpose, with zoom lenses, wide-angle lenses, macro shooting lenses and more. eBay is home to thousands of lens options, including these excellent Canon FD mount camera lenses.

Vintage SLR cameras and the connection to FD Lenses

Anyone into vintage SLR Canon cameras, might be familiar with FD lenses. An FD lens is a term relating to the type of connection made for 35mm single-lens reflex camera bodies in the early 1970s. FD mounting lasted into the late 1980s, and if you’re a collector and user of cameras from this era, this FD lens selection on eBay might just have what you need to improve your skill set behind the lens.

Interchangeable lenses for various purposes

The most popular FD lenses for vintage Canon cameras lenses on eBay include the Canon FD 70-210mm f/4.0 Zoom lens. This lens is a fantastic Canon FD zoom lens for modern users and features a focal length range between 70mm and 210mm. Its F/4.0 aperture offers superior brightness.

The Canon FD 35-105mm F3.5 MF is an excellent FD macro lens that can capture the fine details of your favourite close-up subject. It features a focal length range between 35mm and 105mm.

If you’re after a great wide-angle lens, look for a Canon FD 28mm 1:2.8. This wide-angle lens offers brilliant options for landscape photography or reaching hard to photograph areas of your subject.

Canon FD lenses are perfect night photography options. Because they have superior low light performance, they allow you to focus on your subject with maximum low light exposures.

Like choosing other types of lenses for photography, when selecting your new Canon FD lens, be sure to choose the correct aperture and focal length for the purpose you intend. Get ready to shoot some beauties with the help of eBay.