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Canon Film Cameras

Though there's something to be said for the convenience of modern cameras, there's something so satisfying about snapping a picture and developing it into a hard copy as opposed to a digital photo. Canon film cameras are some of the most high-quality cameras on the market, and though film photography is seemingly in the process of becoming obsolete, it's still a treasured way to take pictures for beginners and professionals alike.

Camera Types

Film cameras are categorised by type, and some of the most common types include panoramic, point-and-shoot, rangefinder and SLR. A panoramic camera takes wide-angle shots that allow you to see a 180-degree to 360-degree view of what you're shooting. These special images are longer than traditional prints and capture a larger horizontal field, making them enjoyable for nature photography. Canon also makes traditional point-and-shoot cameras, which are basic-format film cameras; rangefinder cameras, which use a dual-focus mechanism to create sharper images; and SLR cameras (or single-lens reflex), which uses a mirror to reflect what the finished image will actually look like, making it more accurate than point-and-shoot images in the viewfinder.

Camera Features

Canon cameras offer a variety of features for photography buffs, including a date imprint on each photo, a built-in flash and a red-eye reduction feature that eliminates the look of red eyes in images. Many cameras have a variety of shooting modes for different situations, such as low light or active subjects, and some Canon cameras even offer a built-in timer to shoot selfies the old-fashioned way. Choose a camera with a zoom lens for detailed images, and a model with a remote control for photos from a distance. You can also add a camera strap for portability, while choosing a camera with a lens cap so that the camera's lens doesn't get scratched when not in use.

Camera Focus

Focusing in on subjects can make or break a photograph, so Canon offers different focus types to meet every photographer's individual needs. Some focus types to consider include manual, which means that you manually focus the camera before taking a picture; automatic focus, which zooms in and focuses without your assistance for the clearest shot; and cameras that offer both the option of manual and automatic focus, which may be the most versatile choice to enjoy a range of photo options.

Camera Models

Before digital cameras and smartphone cameras were all the rage, Canon produced multiple lines of high-performance film cameras. Some of its most-popular models include the AE-1, which is an SLR camera that offers an array of features that includes the ability to change lenses, and the F-1, which offers manual focus and a hot shoe flash.

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