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Canon IXUS Digital Cameras

While the pictures that can be taken by a cellphone, tablet or similar device are fine for most situations, there are certain limitations when it comes to picture taking. The zooms on these devices vary in amount and quality of the photos taken in zoom mode also vary, and usually not in a good way. A regular camera can take pictures much better and offer a number of features that can enhance anyone's picture taking experience greatly. While a high-end camera with detachable lenses and tripods and multiple flash settings are terrific for professional photographers and serious hobbyists, a simple digital camera, such as a Canon IXUS digital camera provides all the camera most people need.

What sets Canon IXUS digital cameras apart from other cameras?

The major factor that sets Canon IXUS digital cameras, which are digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, apart from other cameras, including Canon cameras, is its size. This line of cameras from Canon is considered to be ultracompact, making them ideal to carry in a shirt pocket, clutch or other small space. Although there are some variances based upon the model, the cameras are usually 85 to 102 millimetres wide, 45 to 59 millimetres tall and 18 to 28 millimetres thick and weigh between 100 and 206 grams with battery installed.

What are some specific features of Canon IXUS digital cameras to look for?

The features on the Canon IXUS digital cameras vary by model, but some of the basic features they have include:

  • Lens aperture: 24 to 140 millimetres
  • Image sensor size: 3.2 to 20 megapixels
  • Optical zoom: 2 to 12 times
  • Digital zoom: 3.2 to 4 times
  • LCD screen size: 38 to 76 millimetres
  • LCD screen resolution: 118,00 to 461,000 megapixels

Some other features of these Canon DSLR cameras include memory, which can be through and SD card, MultiMedia card or microSD card. The batteries are a nickel-metal hydride battery. More recent releases of IXUS cameras have the ability to save and send via Wi-Fi. Most Canon IXUS digital camera bodies are black or silver but multip colours are also available too.

Are there accessories that work well with Canon IXUS digital cameras?

Some essential accessories to have for a Canon IXUS digital camera include a battery charger and additional battery packs. Cables that allow you to save and transfer photos via computers, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and other devices are also handy, such as interface cables and AV cables. A small camera bag can protect your Canon IXUS digital camera when not in use.

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