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Canon Ink Cartridges for Canon Printers

Canon Ink Cartridges for Canon Printers

If you want to keep your Canon printer working the way it was intended, then it is important to always have the right printer cartridge ready. Canon printers need to have Canon ink cartridges in them to work, and these cartridges must be replaced when they start to run low. Not all Canon ink cartridges are the same though. Canon printer owners need to make sure they are finding the right cartridge for their printer.

Choosing the Right Printer Cartridge

Just because an ink cartridge is made by Canon, doesnt mean that it will fit all Canon printers. There are several different types and styles of Canon printer ink out there. When shopping for an ink cartridge for your specific Canon printer, it is important to check the style number on the front of the ink cartridge box. If you are unaware of which style number cartridge your printer needs, the product description should have a list of the Canon printers with which that cartridge works.

Shopping for Black Ink Cartridges

Most Canon printer ink cartridges come either in sets of three coloured ink or black ink. Since black ink typically runs out faster, and some users typically only print their documents in black, it is more cost effective to be able to purchase black printer ink separately.

Multi-Coloured Ink Cartridges for Canon

When the colour on your printer starts to run low, you may need to look at multi-coloured ink cartridges for Canon printers. The multi-coloured ink cartridges tend to run out around the same time, since printers use three main colours when printing coloured items: cyan, yellow, and magenta. Most colour packs will have all three of these colours, but you may also be able to buy each hue on its own.

Printer Cartridges or Ink Refills

Most printer owners will buy individual cartridges from Canon when they need more ink in their printer. However, users who are a little more savvy and who want to save money on ink costs can also purchase a printer ink refills kit for Canon printers. This involves taking actual bottles of ink and refilling the printers supply as needed. While this solution is not for every user, and Canon recommends customers use its cartridges, the ink refill kits are available for most Canon printers.