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Canon Laser Printer

Whether for work or for home, Canon laser printers make a terrific addition to any office space. These printers use dry toner in lieu of ink, and they can print documents faster than their inkjet printer counterparts. When shopping, consider how you intend to use the printer in order to find the best one for your needs. Canon offers various laser printer models, making it easy to find the right one.

Printer Resolution

Make sure to factor resolution into your decision when shopping for a Canon laser printer, especially if you plan to print a high volume of photos or images. Laser printer resolution is measured in dots per inch, which is often abbreviated as "dpi." When examining specs, you will notice both a horizontal resolution and a vertical resolution are given, and the larger the dpi, the better the resolution. If you only intend to print text documents, high resolution is likely not of huge concern.

Print Speed

When searching for a Canon laser printer, remember to take print speed into account. This spec is measured in pages per minute (or PPM). Printers with a greater PPM can print paper quicker and more efficiently, which is invaluable for those who print large volume documents on a regular basis. Equally as important, consider paper handling, or the size of paper that your printer is able to accommodate.

Black and White vs. Colour

Some laser printers are only capable of printing in black and white, which is also referred to as monochrome, while others can accommodate colour. When searching for a printer, consider your needs as they relate to colour. Black and white printers can typically print more pages per minute, making them ideal for large work environments. They are also cheaper to manage, as colour toner is more expensive than black is. On the other hand, colour printers offer increased versatility. Additionally, remember to consider printer functionality. Many laser printers are classified as multifunction printers, meaning that these printers not only print, but they are also able to scan documents and send and receive faxes.

Printer Compatibility

Before all else, ensure that the Canon laser printer you choose is compatible with your computer's operating system. Most printers are able to work across multiple platforms, while others only work with Windows-based PCs.