Canon Pixma Printers

For those who wish to print high quality documents and photos from their own home computer, a Canon Pixma printer is a solid solution. The name Pixma actually has a meaning: ''PI' stands for pursuing high image quality, 'MA' refers to maximum print speeds, with 'X' representing the link between input and output. Catering to a wide range of needs for every type of computer user, Pixma computer printers have been a staple for home and office use for many years. Some can also function as copiers and scanners, while some specifically emphasise quality photo printing.


The popular Pixma range relies on bubble jet technology combined with dye-based inks to produce more vibrant and photo-quality prints. Generally, as opposed to pigment-based inks, dye-based inks react with the paper in a way that results in brighter and more vivid colours. Therefore, the choice of paper can make a difference as well if quality is of high importance. Otherwise, for drafts and general documents, any paper and ink type can suffice.


You'll find most Pixma models use single ink tanks. This translates initially to a higher cost, but in the long run, you waste less ink and only need to replace the colour cartridge that runs out. With multi-ink cartridges, once one colour runs out, even if one or more colours remain, you need to replace the entire tank for accurate prints. Some high-end models have extra-large ink tanks so you can print many more pages before needing a refill, and you can refill any specific CMYK colour that may be running low. Integrated software makes it simple for anyone to perform quick touch-ups on an image before printing to ensure the best image quality possible.

Copiers and Scanners

Many Pixma printers come with integrated copiers and scanners. With a Canon Pixma printers with a copier, you can easily feed documents into the printer to be copied and digitised within seconds or quickly print multiple copies of a document. With a Canon Pixma printers with a scanner, you can digitally scan almost anything into your computer in sharp detail, be it text or images.