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Canon Professional Video Cameras

For the professional videographer on the go, on the set or in a studio, having access to a quality video camera is key for capturing those candid moments that scripted environments don't offer. Canon has a range of professional video cameras that fit this need quite nicely. Whether for primary purposes or as complement to other professional video equipment in your possession, a Canon professional video camera could feel as if you’re bringing the studio with you. Check out the features that are most important to you in the Canon professional video camera lineup.

Lens Capabilities

A good lens can make or break a great shot. With the Canon Professional 10-19x video camera range, your ability to zoom in and out of a shot can greatly affect the narrative you’re trying to convey. Canon’s lineup of optical zoom cameras is among the best on the market for its use and execution.

Image Quality and Stabilisation

Visually capturing content for the masses to see takes a strong camera setup that will not compromise on image quality. Getting a Canon HD video camera with 4k or full HD recording gives you the capability of focusing on the moment and not the camera settings. Add stabilisation either as an add-on or as a built-in feature, and your cinematic skills will shine. Consider all that you can do when the power of high definition is within your grasp.

Screen Features

Built-in monitors for the Canon professional video camera comes in real handy when working from both sides of the camera. Some models feature touchscreen monitors, while some do not. There’s also the capability to adjust the screen angle so that you’re able to see what the camera sees from all angles. With a good screen monitor, and the features that come with it, your best image capturing capabilities are in front of you.

Batteries and Accessories

While on the go, the need for backup equipment may be necessary to keep the camera rolling with minimal distractions. Keeping extra battery packs along with cloths, carriers and film, you’re sure to get the great shot.