Canon Selphy Printers

Canon Selphy Printer

Having a Canon Selphy printer in your home office makes printing your pictures easier than ever before. Long gone are the days where it was necessary to drop film off at kiosks or at camera stores and wait hours or days for them to develop so that you could put them in frames and photo albums. With the advancements in cell-phone technology, photo albums are no longer on shelves but on hard drives, and the Selphy has made it more convenient than ever to print great-resolution pictures in quick fashion.

Editing and Features

The Selphy CP1200 can adjust brightness, enhancing colours and more. This can make the quality of your prints, whether they’re from your handheld camera or your mobile device, look even better. It is equipped with AirPrint, so printing from your favourite Apple devices is fast and easy. Additionally, because the Selphy has Wi-Fi connectivity, you can print from your wireless camera or any other device with wireless connectivity.

Be Creative

This printer does more than give you high-quality prints of your digital photos, as it also prints postcard size, sticker sheets and more to enhance your crafting and scrapbooking, allowing you to give your photos borders, frames and other customised touches. This compact photo printer is small enough to take with you on holiday or to the grandparents’ house, so you can finally get those prints you’ve always wanted off your device and into a frame on your desk at work or wherever you need.

Photo Accessories

Youll want to make sure that you print your photos on high-quality paper. Choosing the right printer ink, toner and paper will make them frame-ready, with matte or glossy paper being available options. Youll also want to get the right size of ink cartridge so that you will always be ready to print those fantastic moments. A battery pack has enough power to through 54 prints when fully charged, and it’s never a bad idea to have ink and an extra battery pack on hand. There is also a card-size paper tray available.

All-in-One Printers

Of course, you can do much of what the Selphy does on an all-in-one computer printer, but they are not compact and portable like a Selphy. Having a scanner and printer in the same machine makes printing just as easy, and they can be a great compliment to a photo printer.