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Canon Standard Camera Lens

When you’re looking to take photos with a Canon digital SLR cameras, choosing the right lens greatly impacts what and how you’re going to shoot. A Canon standard camera lens is one that has a focal length around 50 mm and suits regular, everyday use.

What Types of Focal Lengths do Standard Canon Lenses Have?

The focal length of standard camera lenses affects the magnification of the pictured subject and used in one of two ways, namely:

  • Fixed Length Lenses: These Canon lenses are set at a single focal length and degree of zoom, meaning they are faster to use and can produce sharper images.
  • Zoom Lenses: These camera lenses are able to adjust their focal length to zoom in on a subject making them more versatile than fixed length lenses.

How Do you Make Sure You Get the Right Lens?

There are a number of factors that go into making sure your lens works with your DSLR camera, like:

  • EF-S vs EF Lenses: While EF lenses are intended for use across the EOS range of Canon cameras, EF-S lenses are only meant for Canon APS-C DSLRs due to their sensor type.
  • Image Stabiliser: Certain models of Canon lens feature image stabilisation to reduce the effects of movement in the captured shot.