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Got one to sell?

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Canon Video Cameras

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, Canon video cameras can help you to capture the moments and projects that matter. A Canon camcorder delivers HD video with all the features that you need to create movies, viral videos, web shows or just to document your baby’s first steps or school play. Many of Canon’s digital cameras also record video and make getting it all on film possible.

Professional Cameramen

If you are looking for a professional video camera, Canon has excellent options. Professional camcorders have come quite a way, with today’s cameras being more versatile than ever before. Canon offers lighter and more compact video cameras to make filming easier and more comfortable. Even independent filmmakers can take their films to another dimension, making movies with image quality to rival larger studios.

Home Videos

For the amateur home video recorder, Canon has numerous features that help you to capture the moments just as vividly as you remember them. A point-and-shoot camcorder that delivers high-quality digital video can make you feel as though you are a professional. Zoom in or out on the action as you shoot high-resolution, low-noise video or pictures.

Features and Technology

Canon offers top-notch technology to help you attain video and movie greatness. The slow and fast motion features can change the story of any moment you capture on video, or you can make your kids move like superheroes or add another dimension to your film. Image stabilisation is useful for helping you to achieve clear still shots and video. Baby mode automatically saves videos with a file-lock function, and pre-record starts the filming before you actually begin filming. If you’re a videophile, you will likely appreciate 4K-recording capability, as well as the ability to remotely control the camera with a Wi-Fi-enabled device.

Video Camera Accessories

Although the cameras have built-in memory, consider getting an SD card to expand your camera’s memory. Professionals and indies alike will enjoy having dual SD slots to record in both low-resolution and high-definition simultaneously. You can also protect your video camera with a camera bag or strap, while having an extra battery or two will serve you well on long shoots or vacations. Camera tripods and supports come in handy whether you’re a professional or an amateur, allowing you to get the perfect shot or professional-looking video every time, no matter the location.

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