Canopy Lock Trailer Parts

Canopy Lock Trailer Parts

Canopies are useful additions to any utility vehicle and provide extra protection to the cargo you place in the truck bed. Many units are made with fibreglass for reduced weight, increased rigidity, and corrosion resistance. They are semi-permanently attached to the rear of your truck and typically open through a rear, open-out window that allows for large cargo loading, especially when the tailgate is opened. You can easily shop for replacement parts for your existing canopy lock, or you can purchase parts for additional locking systems, such as remote central locking for multiple canopy windows.

T-Handle Trailer Locks

T-handle trailer locks are designed to withstand corrosion on top of natural wear and tear. They are installed by drilling a square recess in the dimensions appropriate for your T-Handle, and mounting the latch flush against your canopy window. Rivet the latch to the window and test the key that came with the system. Common designs have protruding knobs shaped like T's with rubber-coated handles for better grip when lifting the window up. Other designs have folding T-handles that tuck into a recessed housing for a streamlined look. These are made with stainless steel for corrosion resistance and sleeker overall finish.

Ute Locks

Utility lock trailer parts are handy for securing your trailer and come in innovative designs with simple yet effective locking mechanisms. Toggle latches are two-part systems consisting of a hook and the main locking mechanism. The hook is secured to the edge of the trailer window, while the locking mechanism bolts onto your truck’s body. When the toggle latch is flipped up, the metal triangular loop goes into the hook and pulls the window shut when the toggle is flipped down. The toggle latch may be semi-permanently locked by inserting a padlock into the locking hole that sticks out between the arms of the latch. Compression latches work by using adjustable cams that press outward against the trailer window when in the lock position. This better secures the window and prevents rattling as well.

Central Locking

Central locking trailer locks work via actuators that are remote controlled. When in the lock position, the actuators stick out a rigid metal bolt, which slots into a hole on a bracket that is pot-riveted under the window. Combining multiple locks for each window allows you to unlock all the windows at once with a push of a button.