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Canvas Camping Tents

When it comes to outdoor adventures, you need a comfortable place to sleep at the end of the day. With that in mind, canvas is a durable, weather-resistant fabric that works well for tents of all types and sizes. Canvas tents come in many shapes and designs to accommodate as many campers as necessary, and some tents even offer enhanced features that make your outdoor experience even more comfortable.

Tent Capacity

One of the most important factors to look for when purchasing a camping tent is its size. Consider how many campers will be sleeping in the tent and ensure that you'll have enough room to meet your needs. Tent capacity varies from one-person designs to medium-sized four-person and six-person options. Some larger tents can even accommodate up to 12 campers. It's always best to purchase a tent that's oversized rather than one that's undersized, so purchase accordingly as you browse canvas tents of all sizes, and remember to consider pets and children that may also be along for the adventure.

Tent Brands

Some campers prefer to purchase a tent by brand. Many well-known manufacturers create high-quality tents in assorted sizes and designs. You can shop for tents from brands like OZtrail, Weisshorn, Darche, Coleman, Ezy Trail and Big Wolf. Brands vary by price as well as by the distinct features that they offer, by how many sleepers they accommodate and by how you assemble them. Some brands, like OZtent, offer a tent that assembles in just 30 seconds, while other brands may offer more elaborate tents that take more time to set up and install.

Tent Styles

Canvas tents are categorised by their styles. Tents aren't limited to just one style; in fact, there are multiple designs to choose from, including dome tents that have a circular, spherical shape; cabin tents, which look like an actual cabin in their design; pop-up tents, which are simple and basic models; and beach tents, which look and function more like canopies than tents, as they're meant to shade you from the sun's UV rays. You should choose a tent style based on the features of the tent as well as on how many people you need to accommodate and the conditions under which you'll be camping. For instance, you may need the protection of a cabin tent in chillier climates.

Tent Features

Though canvas tents are meant to provide the most basic of shelters, they're not without their appealing features. A waterproof tent allows you to stay dry should a storm come, and tents with an insulated roof keep the temperature inside consistent and comfortable. A tent with an awning lets you park your car underneath shelter, or set up chairs to enjoy the shade, while tents with zippered windows let a cross breeze flow through. As yet another option, UV-resistant tents won't fade under the harsh rays of the sun.

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