Canvas Decorative Posters & Prints

Canvas Decorative Posters and Prints

Canvas decorative posters and prints are an eye-catching and affordable way to brighten up any space in a home or work environment. Images printed onto canvas can give the same feeling and effect as original art painted directly onto the canvas. Canvas has been a popular choice to reproduce artwork. Printing industry innovations in the past few decades have seen it even more popular, especially for photographic images. The main fabrics in modern canvas prints are cotton and polyester blends. Cotton canvas is particularly renowned for giving good colour quality. Polyester materials can be better in areas with high exposure to UV rays and moisture.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints usually stretch over wooden pine stretcher bars or frames. This gives a boxed or three-dimensional effect when on your wall. Images wrapped around the edges give a continuous effect, or the edges may be a complementary or contrasting colour. Stretched canvas posters and prints are very light and easy to hang, and also withstand environments with light humidity such as bathrooms. Being non-glare, they suit all types of lighting from very bright to subdued.

Framed Canvas Prints

A framed canvas posters and prints gives an impression of a traditional framed photo or piece of art. Choose frames with colours and styles to complement your décor. The framed border draws your attention to the image as a visual focal point. Draw even more attention will to the picture with a mat board presentation as well.

Canvas Posters

Canvas posters often sell un-stretched and unframed. This gives you the flexibility to decide how you ultimately want to display or mount the image. Buy one to suit your space and any other existing wall art and then decide on whether to stretch block or box or frame.

Shape and sizes

The world is your oyster to choose shapes and sizes of canvas posters and prints to decorate and suit a space. Shapes range from square, to portrait, to landscape, to panoramic. Sizes extend from miniatures to gigantic oversized images. Split canvas prints separate and spread an image over several blocks, frames or panels. Split prints are especially stunning for beautiful scenery, expanded horizons and interesting abstracts.