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Looking for the ideal family car? Look no further than a Holden Caprice. Caprice has become a byword for luxury and style at an affordable price, and it's a favourite among fleet and taxi companies. The Caprice is the last luxury car ever produced in Australia, so when you buy a Holden Caprice, You're not just buying a family car, you'll be buying a piece of Australian car-making history. 

A quiet car with high-performing suspension, it's a provides a smooth ride on even the roughest terrains. Retuned steering puts you right in control, and despite its size, it turns remarkably well. Its superior traction control makes it a very agile vehicle that makes road handling a breeze. 

With ample head, leg and elbow room, the Caprice has plenty of room for a small family's needs. Later models like the Caprice V even have monitors with headphones so back seat passengers can be kept entertained on long journeys. Technology-wise, the Caprice is the offspring of the V8 Commodore with its auto parking system, electronic handbrake and MyLink touch-screen infotainment system. In short, the Caprice has everything you could need for a family car, performance, space and plenty of features. 

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