How to choose your Captains of Crush hand grippers

There are many reasons why you might want to improve your grip strength. Grip strength is incredibly important after any sort of hand injury, or you might have a deadlift goal that you cant quite hit yet. Either way, Captains of Crush hand grippers will help you strengthen your hands and improve your fitness along the way.

How to choose your Captains of Crush hand gripper

If you want to get serious about improving your grip strength, then purchasing a Captains of Crush hand gripper is the ideal place to start. Captains of Crush are known around the world for their high-quality grippers that help you strengthen your grip fast. Whether youre rehabilitating a hand injury or have set athletic goals, everyone has to start somewhere, so how do you know which level of hand gripper is right for you?

Captains of Crush knows that everyones grip strength level is different, which is why they offer eleven different crush grippers with differing resistance weights. The first level begins at 27kg of resistance, while the most challenging level has a resistance weight of an incredible 170kg. To choose which CoC gripper you should start with, youll need to assess your current ability. If youre recovering from an injury, one of the first levels will likely suit your needs. If youre an active athlete looking to improve your grip strength, you might consider one of the middle weights, such as the 45kg hand gripper. After youve found your perfect initial gripper, youll be able to move up in resistance as your hand strength improves.

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