Car Air Fresheners

Once you've cleaned out and washed your car, you need to add the final touch to keep that fresh feeling alive; a car air freshener. With many appealing scents and styles to choose from, air fresheners are a crucial component of car care and cleaning. Fill your car with your favourite scent and enjoy the feeling of a clean car.

Let Me Vent

One of the most popular types of odour eliminator car air fresheners is the vent freshener. These generally clip onto the air conditioning vents in your car, and as the air blows, the scent disperses throughout the vehicle, creating an ongoing fresh scent. Choose clips that represent your personality, such as animal designs or your favourite car logo. Scents vary when it comes to vents. They typically work for up to 30 days.

Keep You Hanging

Affordable and sweet-smelling, hanging air fresheners simply loop around the rearview mirror. One of the most well-known types of hanging fresheners are Little Trees air fresheners, and with multiple scents and shades to pick from, there's a smell for everyone. Hanging fresheners, typically made of paper, may not work as long as vent styles, but they offer up many fun designs and graphics to choose from.

The Can Can

Roughly the size of a small can of cat food, can air fresheners open up and slowly release scent into the air. Place the can in your cup holder or console, and enjoy scent for up to 60 days. One popular can brand to consider is California Car Scents, with deodourising options like vanilla, lemon, or jasmine. They don't spill, and they're organic.

Diffuse the Situation

A scent diffuser slowly releases scent over time. Some also do double duty as a humidifier for your car. Keep the air inside your automobile pure, fresh, and smelling great with a portable diffuser that releases a subtle scent into the air. Turn them off when not in use, or run them your whole way home.