Car Audio & Video Connectors & Terminals


Keep Connected With Your Car’s Audio And Video With Electrical Terminals And Connectors

There are a huge variety of wire connectors online because they all do different jobs. Often, you will find that they are colour-coded to make shopping for the right one simple for even the biggest novice. Push-wire connectors offer varying port sizes. 

Level and spring connectors are available in multi-packs in a variety of sizes. A connector block connects two cables, or more, to create a safe connection between circuits and wires, whether it's to install a radio or a brand-new GPS navigation system. On eBay, you will find a variety of single or multi-single connectors and multi-purpose terminals and connectors as well. 

Car audio and video connectors buying guide

  • The connectors for your car's audio and video system can vary significantly in length. Some cables are 0.6, 0.9, 1.5, and 1.8 meters. Choose the longest one possible. If you're unsure what length you need, you can always buy a shorter one and install it yourself. However, you should consider the intended distance of the cable before buying it. This way, you'll have more control over how far it will extend.
  • Besides the audio and video cables, you also need to buy suitable connectors for your DVD players. Thankfully, there are a lot of different types of connectors. Some are multi-pin, and some are bi-directional, making it easier to connect various devices. You may also want to get one that can connect to your head unit. Most car DVD players have HDMI connectors, so make sure you get a good one.
  • When shopping for your car audio and video connectors, keep in mind that the wires can be tricky. There are three main kinds of HDMI connectors. There's a standard type, a micro-HDMI connector, and a dual Type B. Those are the most commonly used ones. There are also Type A and Type B cables for video, but they're rarely used in cars.
  • The aux cord is a small cable that connects an external device to your car's audio system. It can connect several electronic devices, such as mobile phones, GPS units, and iPods. Aux cables are very convenient and versatile. They can also work with a headrest DVD player and personal computers. In addition, depending on the size and model of your audio system, you can use an aux cord to play music. You’ll also need an aux cord adapter.

If you're in the market for electrical terminals, you will find a wide range of products available on eBay. Whether you need aux connectors, splicing wires, harness adapters, or Quadlocks, eBay has a comprehensive range of unbranded car connectors and terminals for your car. If you are installing car connectors or terminals, you may want to visit your mechanic to ensure it is done properly.