Car Audio Video Dashboard Installation Kits for Ranger

Whether you’re driving to work or going on a road-trip, everyone enjoys relaxing to some music in the car. Unfortunately, after purchasing their cars, many consumers discover that their vehicle’s stock sound system is not up to the task of playing high-quality music. If you’re sick of tinny sound or limited bass, it’s time you installed an aftermarket stereo system. To mount an aftermarket sound kit in your car’s dashboard, you will have to install a car audio video dashboard kit. The car audio video dashboard kit, or facia dashboard kit, installs in your dashboard to provide space and wiring access to an aftermarket stereo system.


The height and width of your Ranger’s stereo and radio face measures itself using the German DIN system. You can fit audio video dashboard installation kits into either DIN or double DIN dashboards and are compatible with all Ford Ranger models. Audio video dashboard kits usually include rectangular trims that further increase the unit’s compatibility with stereo head units of varying size. Your Ranger’s dashboard installation kit will have ample back panel space for other aftermarket Ranger parts, including antenna adapters and steering wheel control harnesses.

High Quality Finish

Take advantage of the high-quality plastic finish on your audio video dashboard installation kit for Ranger. Moulded with ABS plastic, the audio video dashboard kit will retain its shape after knocks and scrapes. Combining style and utility, your car’s dashboard will stand out with its refined and modern head unit panel design.


The audio video dashboard installation kit integrates ISO connector systems with the head unit and provides space for aftermarket stereo systems in all shapes and sizes. Once you fit them, your audio video dashboard installation kit will be connective with a wide range of audio wire harnesses. When you wire them to the ISO primary harness, your ranger’s head unit and stereo system is easy to control from buttons on your steering wheel.


Providing access to alternate storage compartments and multiple USB ports, your Ranger’s audio video dashboard kit will not be short of accessories. Moreover, standardized fitting will ensure that cigarette lighters and air conditioning vents seamlessly reintegrate into your car’s dashboard.