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Car Audio and Video Dashboard Installation Kits for Volkswagen

It’s no secret that we love listening to music in the car. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of sound in your Volkswagen, it might be time to install an aftermarket stereo system. However, to mount and wire one, you will need to install a Volkswagen audio and video dashboard kit. The car dashboard installation kit includes a fascia panel, back panel spacing and wiring harness access. After you fit it into your car’s dashboard, you’ll be able to effortlessly install an aftermarket sound system and modern head unit.

Volkswagen Compatibility

Regardless of whether you’re driving a Jetta or a Golf, the car audio and video dashboard, or facia kit, is compatible with Volkswagen SUVs, coupes, sedans and hatchbacks. Volkswagen categorizes head units according to their DIN size, a standardised system for a head unit's width and height. You can fit your audio and video dashboard kits onto both single and double DIN head units. Strengthened plastic and stainless steel mounting brackets tightly secure the facia in your Volkswagen’s dashboard.


Universal audio and video dashboard kits have a for-every-brand approach, resulting in bland appearances and distorted fitting. However, Volkswagen designs and contours its audio and video dashboard installation kits specifically for its models. Volkswagen-specific design results in proper fit during the installation and ensures that your head unit doesn’t look out of place with other Volkswagen parts on the dashboard. If your Volkswagen’s head unit is an irregular model, dashboard installation kits come with rectangular trims to seamlessly mount different shape or size head units.

Factory Finish

Audio and video dashboard kits use high-quality ABS plastic and lacquered vinyl strips. With a stylish and spacious design, smooth factory finish and durable fabrication, your audio and video dashboard kit is sure to be an eye-catching feature of your Volkswagen’s interior.


After securing your audio and video dashboard kit, you’ll be able to install an aftermarket sound system and a variety of wiring accessories. Take advantage of the spacious back panel design and expand your Volkswagen’s capabilities by installing antenna adapters and steering wheel control adapters. Admire the smooth finish of your dashboard, complete with USB fittings and an integrated cigarette lighter.

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