Your motorcycle is one of the biggest investments in your life, and no doubt you would consider it one of your most prized possessions. This is why it is so important to have the right motorbike carrier that will safely and securely transport your bike from A to B.

Whether you ran out of petrol, your motorcycle just won't start, or if you just want to take your motorcycle with you on a road trip, invest in a motorbike rack to avoid having to pay a hefty towing fee. As the more affordable alternative to a trailer or a ute, Australian law requires you to tow your motorcycle using the right equipment: make sure you have the right carrier attached to the back of your car or caravan for legal and safety reasons.

Benefits of a motorcycle rack

When you use a trailer to tow your motorbike, you need to ensure it is properly secure. This means you may need to invest in ropes and other pieces of equipment to ensure it is compliant. Using a motorcycle racks means you won't need to deal with maintaining the maximum speed of a trailer or have trouble manoeuvring or parking it.

Another benefit of a motorcycle rack is that they are so easy to install - then, you just need to hoist it onto your carrier and away you go. You won't need to deal with having to steer it up a ramp as you would with a trailer or ute.

Types of motorcycle racks

There are two main types of motorcycle racks, and each has their benefits and drawbacks. If you want an aluminium carrier, it will be lighter but be prepared to hear more rattles. Alternatively, steel may be heavier but it is also much stronger. You should also check to see if your motorcycle rack can support the weight of your bike, as not all carriers are created equal.

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