Car Bluetooth & Handsfree Calling Kits

Car Bluetooth and Hands-Free Calling Kits

Bluetooth calling kits were first introduced to the market in 2001, and became a much sought after safety feature in vehicles in the late 2000s. Distracted driving causes countless accidents, and utilising a calling kit can keep your mind on the road while enabling you to still send and receive calls and text messages. In many countries, it is against the law to use a mobile phone in a vehicle unless it is a hands-free device.

Noise-Reduction Bluetooth Kits

Noise-reduction car Bluetooth and hands-free calling kits make it easier than ever to drive and take phone calls at the same time. Noise-reduction technology, also known as reduction technology, ensures that background noise is filtered out of an earpiece. Whether you are driving fast, or you happen to have the window down for some fresh air, a high-quality noise-cancelling Bluetooth calling kit will produce crystal-clear calls every time.

Caller ID Bluetooth Kits

Car Bluetooth and hands-free calling kits with caller ID let you do two things at once. They help you keep your eyes on the road while giving you the ability to screen calls while driving. If you dont recognise a number or you simply dont feel like talking, you can prompt a reject. Many kits allow you the ability to reject a call immediately or route it to your voicemail.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Calling Kits

Motorcycle Bluetooth calling kits are becoming more and more popular. Utilising the same technology as car Bluetooth kits, they give riders the ability to take calls. Most of these kits offer advanced noise-reduction technology and are housed within a drivers helmet. Many come with an FM tuner, making them ideal for listening to music while enjoying the cool breeze.


There are many car electronic accessories that you can add to enhance your Bluetooth calling kits. Noise-cancelling headphones are a great option to use in conjunction with your hands-free kit, especially for parents with kids or people who are conducting business. It allows only you to hear responses and, when paired with a microphone, it makes for a very efficient way to carry on a conversation.