Car Chargers for Apple Phones

Car Chargers for Apple Phones

Leaving the house and having your phone die is unthinkable, but you can keep your iPhone charged no matter how far from home you are with an Apple car charger. User-friendly and convenient, an iPhone charger is a must for your vehicle and ensures that youre never left on the road without a charged phone.


Shop by brand in order to find a high-performance, powerful Apple charger with multiple features. Some iPhone car charger brands to consider include Belkin, Griffin, Kensington and Anker. These brands offer a variety of Apple iPhone car charger options, such as dual chargers, quick chargers, lightning chargers and wireless versions. You can shop according to cost or according to the features you desire in an Apple charger.


The connectivity of your charger depends on which model of iPhone you have. Lightning connectors are standard for late iPhone models, while earlier iPhones use the 30-pin connector. All connectors work via USB, which typically plugs into your cars cigarette lighter. Its essential to make sure that you purchase the exact type of connector for your phone, or it wont fit. Each type of connector is a different size, so compatibility is of the utmost importance.


Though a phone charger seems like a pretty straightforward item, some Apple chargers offer multiple features to make them even more functional and appealing. Choose a quick charger if you need to juice up in a hurry, and opt for a charger with an LCD screen that denotes exactly how much battery you have left, along with indicators that let you know when your battery runs low. You could also choose a charger that powers up multiple devices at once, such as your iPad as well as your iPhone. A charger with a cradle gives you a spot to sit your charging phone or talk hands-free safely.


Youll want to choose the right charger type for you based on your needs. A dual charger lets you charge two or more iPhones at once with one device, which works well for multiple iPhone users. A wireless charger alleviates tangled cords and wires, and a mountable charger saves space in your vehicle.