Car Cleaning, Waxing and Valeting

As some of the most serious investments we’ll ever make, our cars require constant care and cleaning to keep them looking their best. Car care products for the home allow everyday car owners to give their vehicles a professional finish and can include everything from car washes to polishes. Popular brands of car care cleaning products like Meguiars and Armorall let you get a showroom quality car from your own garage with just a few of the right choices.

Car Wash and Detergents

To keep the paint on your car in top condition, you should use a specialised car wash or detergent to keep it clean. Most car washes are pH balanced to protect your car’s paint and help to remove built-up dirt and grime without stripping anything away. Some car washes come with a wax that allows you to complete two jobs in one.

Car Polishes and Waxes

After a car cleaning with washes and detergents, a professional polish or wax product can make it shine even more. Car polishes are applied after the initial cleaning of your car and then followed up with a car wax to bring the colour and shine back to the life of the vehicle. Some manufacturers make a complete wax and polish solution to save you time when cleaning your car.

Car Care Tools

For a professional finish on your car, there are power tools available that can help you achieve it. Professional buffers, sanders and detailers give your car a deeper clean and assist with jobs like refinishing and painting your vehicle. Other products for cleaning your car include cloths and wipes that provide a streak-free clean, usually made from microfibers that are sensitive to your car’s finish.

Car Care Kits

A complete car care kit provides you with everything you need to keep your car in the best shape and includes products like detergents, polishes, waxes and cleaning cloths. A car cleaning kit makes a great gift idea for any car owner and also offers a way to get all the necessary car cleaning products in the one purchase.