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Car GPS Trackers

Car GPS Tracker

There is a variety of car GPS trackers on the market, and while these trackers perform various tasks, they are typically aimed to ensure safety or emergency preparedness. While some trackers are simple in form, others come designed to complete more complex tasks above and beyond tracking. As such, keep intended use in mind as you shop, because the features you desire will ultimately determine the best car GPS tracker for your needs.

Tracker Features

Car GPS trackers are an effective way to trace unknown locations. When shopping, take the included features into account. Many GPS trackers allow users to view their tracking device via a phone app, and some can even manage more than one tracker at the same time. Other trackers allow users to set up a geofence, or a boundary on a map. Any time that the tracking device leaves or enters this fenced-in area, the user receives an alert.

Battery Life

When shopping for a car GPS tracker, factor the battery life of the device into your decision. Some trackers sport a battery life of roughly five hours, while the battery life of other trackers can last more than 20 hours. Many trackers also offer various modes to help preserve battery life or allow users the opportunity to purchase an additional battery sold separately. Batteries can generally be charged via computer, car or wall outlet.

Child Safety

Looking to track your childs driving habits? Opt for a car GPS tracker that allows you to set a speed limit on the device. Any time the tracker detects movement faster than this speed setting, it sends out a notification. This safety feature is aimed at promoting on-road safety, thus reducing the chance of an automobile accident. There are also trackers that can read and transmit vehicle information, such as engine codes.

GPS Tracker Brand

There is a multitude of companies that manufacture car GPS trackers. When searching, remember to factor quality into your decision-making process. Brands such as Trackimo, eZoom, FiLIP, Trax and PocketFinder are known for producing high-quality trackers. These trackers are renowned for their durability and precision, making it easy to track your vehicle or loved ones.