Car In-Dash CD Player

Want to listen to your favourite CDs on the long commute to work or an extended road trip? Car in-dash CD players have been a popular addition to many vehicles in recent years, and now boast the latest technology that make them compatible with a whole range of other devices and uses. Not only do they boast LCD graphics displays with song and artist information, but some allow you to listen to HD radio and your MP3 playlists.

What Can a Car In-Dash CD Player Do?

As its name suggest, a car in-dash CD player can play any regular type of CD. Many also come with additional functions.

  • Most car in-dash CD players on the market can also play music collections in MP3 format, as well as play music directly from an iPod when connected through the dedicated input cable.
  • Look for in-dash CD players with a USB input if you want to be able to connect other devices.

Which Features Should I Look For In a Car In-Dash CD Player?

Car in-dash CD players come with a range of different features that will appeal to individual users.

  • If you want to clearly be able to see your menu selections, song titles and artists, look for a car in-dash CD player with LCD graphics display. The quality can vary significantly from one product to another, so consider investing in a trusted brand rather than just the cheapest unit.
  • If you want to be able to connect to your mobile phone or iPod through Bluetooth, look for Bluetooth-ready in-dash CD players. Some have added features that also enable you to link your stereo to the car's climate control system, so check carefully what it is capable of before purchase.

Can I Listen To HD Radio Through My Car In-Dash CD Player?

If you want to be able to listen to high-definition radio stations, look for HD radio-ready in-dash CD players.

  • An HD radio tuner allows you to listen to your favourite radio station with the sound quality of a CD, making it an upgrade on the regular AM and FM radio signals.
  • HD radio tuners also transmit artist and song information and allow you to tag songs for purchase at a later date.