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Car Mounts and Holders for Universal Mobile Phones

These days, your mobile phone is so much a part of your life that you probably take it everywhere. Whether you’re at school, at work, grocery shopping or on the road, your mobile device is at your side to satisfy all your entertainment and information needs. Even though it’s always at hand doesn’t mean your hands always have room to hold it, however. Especially while driving, accessing your phone can be difficult, distracting and dangerous without assistance. A multitude of universal models, which are compatible with multiple brands and models, are a great fit for just about anyone.


Rather than put yourself, your passengers and other drivers at risk by digging out your phone and trying to hold and operate it, go for the easier solution of a mobile phone car phone mount or holder. Car mounts come in various shapes, colours and designs, but most will fit any phone, so you can find one that matches your device and interior. Both magnetic phone mounts holders and suction holders are available to suit your preference, brand-specific or universal.


No more reaching, no more hunting and no more awkwardly holding your phone while trying to operate it with the same hand! A phone stand for car dashboards or windshields can drastically reduce the time and energy you spend on using your mobile when you ought to be spending it on driving, instead. With your device easily available, you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

For Music

Your car stereo doesn’t have to be broken or otherwise unavailable for you to appreciate the convenience of having your mobile music right where you want it. Whether you’re trying to finagle the acoustics to get the best in-car sound from your phone or just wanting to put your mobile in the best place for that auxiliary cable, a phone holder does the work for you.

For Navigation

No onboard navigation in your vehicle? No problem! A phone cradle on your dash or windshield can put your phone right where you need it to get the most from your map or guidance application. Drive worry-free to your destination without trying to hold your phone and drive at the same time!

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