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Choosing the Best Car Mount for Your Apple Phone

We need fewer dedicated gadgets when a single smartphone will do the same job, and to this end, iPhones have an ever-greater range of impressive features. When driving, iPhones are often needed to control music selection, make hands-free calls and for GPS directions. It is unsafe (not to mention illegal) to hold your phone while driving, which is why a car mount or holder for Apple is an essential car accessory.

Deciding on the Right Mobile Dock

Before choosing a mobile dock for your car, you need to consider how you use your phone and how many cars you might be driving. If you change cars often, a portable car holder that attaches with a clip or suction cup is best for you. If off-road driving is your passion, you will need a sturdy mount that will remain stable through tough conditions.

Attaching the Mount to the Car

Car holders attach to the car and to your Apple phone in different ways. Some mounts have clips that attach to car vents. Some stick to the windscreen or dashboard via permanent stickers, removable stickers or suction cups. Permanent stickers can be more stable, and allow you to position your car holder in a place that works for you.

Attaching the Mount to Your Apple Phone

If you can bear to stick a magnet or similar device to the back of your phone, then you will find that there are many handy accessories which allow you to mount your phone while driving. If not, you will need an Apple car mount or holder such as a cradle or clip model that holds the phone securely without requiring a permanent attachment on the back of your phone.

Advantages of an Adaptable Car Mount

Depending on whether others use your car or you swap drivers during journeys, an adjustable mount that is able to may be better than a fixed position? There are many options of each type to choose from. Many motorists opt for a universal car mount or holder that holds phones of different sizes. Even a bulky case on your iPhone might make your holder hard to use, so being able to accommodate varied shapes and sizes makes for a more versatile car accessory.

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