Car Speakers & Speaker Systems

Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

It does not matter how much you spend on car audio parts and accessories, from stereo heads to amplifiers; no matter how good the rest of the system is, the sound is only as good as your speakers. Car speaker systems do the heavy lifting of turning electricity into sound. Good speakers can make an average sound system sound great, and poor ones can bury the best system out there.

How Speakers Work

Any speaker is basically a pump. It uses an electric current to vibrate a diaphragm by means of a set of magnets and thereby produce sound waves. As a general rule, the faster the vibration the higher the sound, and the further the diaphragm moves, the louder the sound. Most systems use larger speakers for lower sounds, and smaller ones for higher sounds.

Reasons for New Speakers

The biggest reason for getting new speakers is that you can often find much better speakers than your car manufacturer installed. For one thing, you aren't buying yours from the lowest bidder. The second is that many stock systems use full-range speakers where one speaker handles the entire range from high to low. Adding a third-party speaker system with a dedicated subwoofer lets your speakers work more easily by giving them less of a job to do.

More Than Just Speakers

To get the most out of your speakers, you need to upgrade the whole sound system. Sound deadening mats can not only reduce road noise, but also dampen out vibration that affects your sound quality. A better amplifier and digital to analog converter can give your speakers a cleaner and stronger signal, which translates directly into better sound.

Speaker Sizes

The size of your speakers directly translates into how much sound they can put out, especially at lower frequencies. Adding a subwoofer lets you use smaller speakers and still get the full range of sounds. Installing 6.5-inch car speakers and speaker systems gives you an option that can drop into most stock mounts. Dropping down to 6-inch car speakers and speaker systems 6-inch car speakers and speaker systems gives you better high range performance, especially when coupled with a subwoofer.