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Hold Down, Clamp And Adjust: Battery Trays And Accessories

As much as you may need a new car or truck battery, you are bound to need some battery accessories at some point too. eBay has an excellent range of battery accessories to help hold or house your new car battery.

You will find a large variety of battery trays to suit specific make and model cars and trucks, such as the 79 Series dual battery tray. You will also find universal battery boxes, battery chargers, dual battery system kits, battery jumper cables, and dual solar battery chargers.

Using a battery tray in vehicles

The battery tray is a critical component of your vehicle. It protects the battery from damage, but it also helps maintain the power connections between the battery and other equipment in the vehicle. Things to keep in mind include:

  • Loose batteries can also cause problems with systems that depend on them, so keeping your battery secure is essential. The battery tray also makes installing and removing your car battery easier.
  • Batteries need to be stored safely to keep the car from failing or causing corrosion underneath the hood. A battery tray can prevent this problem by holding the battery in place. A new tray can also serve as a liner between the old and the battery. In addition, the new tray will not leak to protect both the battery and the engine.
  • A tray keeps the battery in place during rough driving conditions and is crucial to prevent the battery from rolling out of its location. Choosing a good battery tray is essential to keep the battery in good condition. Depending on the type of your vehicle, you may need to replace the entire tray or need a new Bosch battery (or another brand).

As you start your shopping expedition for your new car battery tray, make your search a little easier by using the blue 'enter vehicle info' button at the top of the listings page. This will ensure you are shopping for battery trays that will suit your make and model car. Shop for genuine OEM battery trays and other accessories if you prefer, or by aftermarket and unbranded if you have a specific budget to stick to.