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Grille Bars, Nudge Bars And Bumper Bars Safeguard Your Vehicle

Have you been in a bit of a fender bender recently? That pole surely came out of nowhere and managed to damage the bumper on your prized possession. Or are you just wanting to change the look of your car by adding a little colour contrast? No matter if the fault was your own or another, eBay can help you out. You will find a huge variety of car and truck bumpers and bumper reinforcements available to you. You can shop for brand new, new but never used, or used to choose from.

Bumpers and their role in safety

Bumpers, also known as bumpers guards or bumper bars, are essential safety features on all cars. A bumper is a device mounted at the front and rear of a car that protects it from collisions with other vehicles and impacts with obstacles such as poles and trees.

The primary function of bumpers is to absorb the energy from a collision so that it doesn’t reach the passengers inside the vehicle. The bumper's job is to take all this pressure, which can be considerable during an accident.

Bumpers are made of different materials, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each type.

  • Plastic bumpers: Plastic bumpers are lightweight, but they may not be as durable as metal bumpers.
  • Metal bumpers: Metal bumpers can be heavy, so it is crucial to make sure your car has enough horsepower to tow them. The weight also means that metal bumpers can be more durable than plastic ones.

eBay has several bumpers and reinforcements available for brands such as Toyota, Ford, Holden, Mitsubishi, Mazda, BMW and more, as well as unbranded bumpers. There is everything from the Holden Colorado custom bull bar to the Holden Cruze front bumper. Use the filters to narrow your search and save you time while shopping. Start with the blue ‘enter vehicle info’ at the top of the page, then shop by placement on vehicle to narrow the search even more. Check for postage costs and return policies before finalising your purchase.