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From Universal To Unusual, There's A Shift Knob To Suit Your Manual

Whether the current shift knob in your car has seen better days or if you are currently doing up a vintage car, or are delving into the world of racing, having a decent shift knob that feels comfortable in the palm of your hand is important. It isn’t a big deal for some people, but for those of you who spend a lot of time in your car, be it for work or pleasure, it can make a big difference.

Complete guide to different types of shift knobs

The shift knob, or gear stick knob, is a crucial part of any car. It provides comfort and functionality to the driver, but it also affects the vehicle's aesthetics. A shift knob will come in different shapes and sizes depending on its fitted car. The most common types are the round, ball-type, and flat-type knobs.

Shifting gears on a car can be a difficult task. The size and shape of your shift knob will depend on your car type. Common types are round, ball-type, and flat-type knobs. These help people find the best position for their hand size and grip strength. They can be made from different materials like wood or metal and with varying textures for grip purposes.

  • Round Shift Knob: The round shift knob is most found in sports cars, where precision driving is required to manoeuvre corners at high speeds. This knob provides a comfortable grip due to its round shape that fits snugly in your palm.
  • Ball-Type Shift Knob: The ball-type shift knob is a manual transmission shifter introduced to the automotive industry by General Motors in the late 1940s. A ball-type shift knob allows the driver to change gears without taking their hands off the steering wheel and without using their feet. Instead, it is done using one hand and rotating the knob with either one or two fingers.

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