Car & Truck Headlight Assemblies

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Headlights Or Taillights: The Right One For Your Vehicle

At some point in the life of your vehicle you will need to replace the headlights or bulbs on your car or truck. eBay has a large variety of headlight assemblies and LED headlight bulbs. You will see several brand replacement headlights for Holden TORANA, Mitsubishi Triton, Holden Commodore, BMW, vintage VW Kombi Bosch and Hella headlights, etc.

Buying car and truck headlight assemblies

When buying a new set of headlights, several factors should be considered. First, many manufacturers use different LED bulbs. While some can be more efficient than halogens, others are as effective. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to ask your dealer for more information about the best choice for your vehicle.

Before choosing a new headlight assembly, consider the safety requirements of your vehicle. For instance, you should check for the type of standards your car or truck requires. You can choose the SAE or ECE standards for your vehicle's headlights, requiring more glare towards other drivers. The ECE standard specifies the minimum light levels at specific points of the road. Some of the more recent headlight assemblies can be made to fit into the existing shell.

Choosing the correct type of headlight assembly is critical to ensure that the lights you install fit your vehicle, such as Holden Colorado headlights or Accord headlights that are specific to those vehicles. You may want to go with LED headlights if you want to be more visible at night. However, these units are more expensive than conventional bulbs. Despite the price difference, you should remember that they can significantly improve your visibility. If you want to ensure your headlights are the highest quality, choose one with a warranty.

The power rating of your headlights is essential for safety. A higher power rating means that the light produced by the headlights is more powerful. Therefore, it is suitable for protecting the driver and the other passengers. On eBay, you will find h4 headlight bulbs, h7 headlight bulbs, h11 headlight bulbs, and much more.

To search through eBay for the right car and truck headlights, use the blue ‘enter vehicle info’ button at the top of the listings page. This will save you a lot of time finding exactly what you are looking for in half the time. While you are looking for the right headlights and spare LED headlight bulbs, why not add some new headlight and taillight surrounds to your vehicle. If you are an eBay Plus member, look for trusted eBay Plus sellers and enjoy the benefits of free express deliver, free returns, and year-round savings.