Car & Truck Light Mounts & Brackets

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Secure Your LED Lights Tightly With Light Bar Mounts

If you have decided to add some LED driving lights to your 4X4WD, you are going to need some LED light bar mounts. On eBay, you will find a huge variety of branded, unbranded and aftermarket light bar mounts to choose from in a variety of styles and sizes. You will find plastic, aluminium brackets and plates for mounting the lights on the upper windshield, the front nudge bar, or the bull bar roll cage you have added to your vehicle.  

Types of LED light bar mounts for your car

Using the right type of mounting bracket for your LED light bar is critical. The most basic mounting brackets have slits and screw holes on the other. These are the best for a low-profile installation, but there are also many different types of mounting options that you should consider. 

Straight LED light bar mounts to keep the light bar at a higher angle, allowing the LED to be installed comfortably. Curved LED bars can be installed on a straight mount, but the curved part of the LED will be positioned above the curved portion of the mounting bracket. These mounting brackets are ideal for drivers who live in mountainous areas.

A straight LED light bar mount is ideal for vehicles with roll cages. It lets you install a light bar of up to 50 inches in length. These clamps also work well on bumpers. The Billet mounting clamps easily snap around any roll cage. In addition, they maintain a low profile around the tubing, leaving space under the accessories. Whether you have a long or short LED light bar, a straight mounting bracket will fit the lighting bars comfortably.

These mounts will keep LED light bars in place. They are the ideal mounting solution for any off-road vehicle, and they will give your truck an extra light source without any additional mounting hardware.

 You can choose between straight and curved light bar mounts. They're the most versatile type of off-road lights. You can even purchase them in different colours for your truck.

Before you start shopping for the LED light bar mounts for your make and model car, make it a little easier on yourself by entering your vehicle information. This will refine your search and make your shopping experience much more enjoyable and less time consuming. As you shop for your brackets to mount the lights, be sure to add the LED driving lights themselves before finalising your cart. You can also find LED neon lights and 12V LED globes easily when you shop with eBay.