Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

A huge selection of vintage car parts

If you love classic cars, this is the place for you! eBay has a huge selection of vintage car parts to suit all types of vehicles, including:

  •         Ford
  •         Holden
  •         Nissan
  •         Toyota
  •         Volkswagen
  •         BMW
  •         Plus, many more

Whether you’re restoring an old classic or you simply have an older car that you drive every day, it’s important to know where you can get parts for it when you need to. eBay has everything you need for the interior, exterior as well as plenty of mechanical parts.

The older a car gets, the more difficult it is to find parts at a wrecking yard or parts dealer. So, why not make it easy on yourself? Check out eBay today and find what you need without leaving your home.

Exterior vintage car parts

Does your classic car need a bit of an image overhaul? There are many different exterior parts and accessories you can add to cars if you want to dress them up a little. A lot of items also offer protection against damage. Here are some common exterior parts and accessories you’ll find on eBay:

  •         Exterior mouldings and trims
  •         Full body kits
  •       Ute cargo nets
  •         Weather shields
  •         Bonnet protectors
  •       Tail lights
  •         Headlights
  •         Roof racks
  •         Plus, many more

Interior vintage car parts

Once you’ve fixed up the exterior of your car, you might turn your attention to the inside. Interior car parts can serve a variety of purposes, such as increasing comfort and convenience or protecting the car against damage. eBay has a big selection of interior parts and accessories. Whether you’re repairing, replacing or enhancing.

  •         Seat covers
  •         Floor mats
  •         Mirrors
  •         Cup holders
  •         Phone holders
  •         Door seals
  •         Seat belts
  •         Plus, many more

Mechanical vintage car parts

Classic cars are usually a lot simpler mechanically than modern cars. However, because of their age, parts can be a little more difficult to find. Fortunately, eBay has plenty of parts you might need to get your classic car up and running!


  •         Engines
  •         Oil filters
  •         Rocker cover gaskets
  •         Sump plugs
  •         Exhaust parts
  •         Radiators
  •         Overflow containers
  •         Plus, many more

No matter what you need for your classic car, always check eBay first, as it’s a lot easier than driving around all the wreckers in town!