Car and Truck Hubcaps

Car and truck wheels can gather lots of dirt and moisture and thus wear over time because the wheels are in direct contact with the ground. Hubcaps, also known as wheel covers or wheel trims, are decorative disks that cover the hub, the central part of the wheel. They are both functional and stylish. Note that the same term could denote a small cap and a big cap that cover the entire wheel.

Hubcaps for Different Wheel Types

Cars with stamped steel wheels usually require full wheel covers that can conceal the entire wheel. Styled steel wheels or alloy rim car and truck wheels most often call for smaller hubcaps, namely, centre caps. When looking for hubcaps, first determine what kind of caps fit your car or truck and choose accordingly.

Hubcap Designs

The symbol or trademark of the maker of the hubcap or the maker of the car or truck is usually on the cap as an imprint. Earlier hubcaps had non-functional spokes as well. At the age of custom cars, it was common to decorate a car with a hubcap from another car make or model, the most popular options being Cadillac and Oldsmobile hubcaps. For decorative purposes, you can also do it in the present day.

Hubcap Application Methods

Depending on the hubcap you choose, the application method may vary. Clip-on hubcaps have a plastic or spring steel clip that attaches to the groove of the wheel. Bolt-on hubcaps have a threaded fastener retaining the hubcap or an attached lugnut. The clip-on caps can fall off suddenly when driving through potholes, while the bolt-on caps may squeak and vibrate loose over time. Electrical zip tie may help to prevent the caps falling off. For the best results, try and use a special tool for installing the hubcap.

Hubcap Compatibility

It is essential to acquire the correct hubcap if you want to install it without hassle. Check out the diameter of your wheel and try to find a hubcap based on this. For the best fit, look for centre hub caps that are specifically for your car make and model as well as year. You could choose aftermarket caps, but do prefer genuine OEM chrome car and truck hubcaps if you want to guarantee compatibility.