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Pump up the volume with a set of car tweeters

If your car speakers just can't cut it, improve the situation with some car tweeters. These are compact speakers designed to help increase the volume and sound quality of your car audio. They can be installed with great ease into your vehicle, added either to existing car speakers or mounted independently in your car.

They can be made from a variety of different materials and fixed to different parts of your car, depending on the sound you want to achieve from your speakers.

Superior technology for the ultimate audio experience

Car tweeters incorporate the latest technology to help you achieve the greatest audio experience possible. In more modern models of vehicle, tweeter speakers may already be integrated into the sound system. Even then you can add more.

Tweeters work by creating pitches at high frequencies, and although these are barely audible, they will increase the frequency response of your speakers for a far better overall sound. They do not require much power to run making them an incredibly efficient way to improve your car audio.

Different varieties to fit your car perfectly

There are a number of different shapes and styles of tweeters, and all of these component speakers will produce a different type or quality of sound within your car. Semi-dome tweeters and silk dome tweeters are best used in tighter spaces, this is due to the wider sound distribution that they allow for.

Inverted dome speakers, on the other hand, create a stronger connection between the dome itself and the voice-coil, which allows for a more reliable link. However, this particular form of tweeter does mean the audio output is more directional. There are many other forms of tweeter speakers, for example, inexpensive cone tweeters, pivoting tweeters and ring radiator tweeters.

The best materials for a high-quality performance

The materials used to produce tweeter speakers will vary depending on whether you're looking for a mid-range model or a high-end tweeter. Choose from a variety of brands, including Blackair, JBL, Rockford Fosgate, Soundstream and Questaudio.

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