Car Video Equipment

Fitting a car dash camera to your vehicle is reasonable if you drive around a lot. In case of an accident, you shall have the video footage of the incident and can use it for insurance purposes. Some insurers may even offer you a discount if you use a dash camera on a regular basis. You may want a dashboard camera also simply for recording your journey and editing it later into a beautiful video clip.

Advantages of Dedicated Car Video Equipment

You could mount a small camera inside your car, but dedicated car video equipment gives you greater benefits. The dash cameras break the footage into small chunks and start deleting the oldest files once the memory card is full. Other cameras simply stop recording when you exceed the storage space. Moreover, you can lock important files manually to keep them. Dash cameras may store such files automatically as well when they detect a sudden change in speed, indicating an emergency stop or accident.

Car Video Equipment Video Quality

The video quality of your car video equipment is crucial, referring to the sharpness and clarity of the recordings. Better quality allows you to capture details, such as license plates, which can be very important in case of an accident. During the daytime, it is quite easy to produce quality images if there is a lot of light, so you should mainly focus on the nighttime quality as this determines where the camera stands. For great image quality at night, the camera requires lots of engineering expertise and professional hardware, so such cameras might be more expensive. Extended dynamic range is essential; this allows you to capture dimly lit objects in the shadows. You should also pay attention to motion blur reducing. Objects moving in the dark can blur the details, and this is not something you would want. Better cameras optimise the shutter speed and use higher ISOs.

Useful Car Video Equipment Functions

Car video equipment can do so much more than simply record your journey. The dash cameras could include GPS to record your speed and location, screen for replaying the footage, photo mode and parking mode for detecting bumps. If you do not want to plug the camera into your cigarette lighter, choose one with an internal battery.