Car Video In-Dash Units with GPS and DVD Player

Car Video In-Dash Units with GPS and DVD Player

Keep your passengers content with the right car DVD player. While you can bring along portable DVD players, in-dash units provide a better experience since multiple people can enjoy the entertainment. Choose from a variety of products to suit the preferences of you and your family.

Brand of Car Video In-Dash Units

Several electronics manufacturers produce DVD and Blu-ray players for vehicles. You may be familiar with Kenwood or Joying brands. Eonon and XTRONS are two more manufacturers with in-dash DVD players.

Screen Size for Car Video In-Dash Units

One of the most important components for an in-car DVD player is the size of the screen. You will find small screens at 4.3 inches. Larger screens will give you a bigger viewing area with options up to 8 inches.

Features for Car Video In-Dash Units

You can find these in-dash units with different features. Some may include a remote to adjust volume or change other settings. Some include an AM/FM radio as well as a DVD player. They often include hard drive storage. Some of the units feature GPS and navigation so you can find your destination. You can find units which include two headrest displays so passengers can watch different movies or play games. Some models provide touchscreens to make it easy to change your entertainment.

Connectivity for Car Video In-Dash Units

While these in-dash DVD players are connected to the vehicle's system and require installation before use, they may have other ways to be connected. They can include USB ports so you can attach a tablet or smartphone and watch movies as long as you have a USB cable or adapter. Other DVD players include Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. You can easily pair the two gadgets so that you can enjoy more entertainment.